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Being a Bouncer - Is this a Good Profession to be in?

Bouncers for hire in Delhi India

At times, we get people asking this question, is being a bouncer for hire, a profession or can this be taken up as a long-term profession?

The answer to this question is Absolute Yes. There are a few differentiators, just like any other profession, which can be summed up as below -

  • The Company - As with any other profession, your learning and development mainly depend on what you learn and from whom do you learn. And what kind of opportunities do you get to practise the art? If you work with an unorganised group of

bouncers or a small company, which has no focus on processes and your long-term development, you will end up becoming a daily wager than a professional. If you want to practise this work as a noble profession, work with Pinnacle Secure Services, which is totally focused on this business and spends energy in setting up standards and processes. Working with our kind of company can help you in becoming not only a good bouncer but a Security Manager in the later part of your career.

  • Your Career Goals - A bigger part of your success depends on your own career goals. If you are entering this profession only to enjoy or spend some of your time, then you will not grow well. But if you are serious towards your career in this trade and you are willing to learn the skills, you can really grow well. We, at Pinnacle Secure Services, always work towards your learning and development so that you grow to become a Team Leader and then a Security Manager in your career. So enter into this profession with long-term career goals.

  • Your Education & Mannerism - While most of the skills can be learned, you should have an attitude to serve. Your education is important like icing on the cake and will help you become a professional bouncer but your attitude and mannerism will play an even more important role in your growth. We have MBAs, Post-Graduates, Graduates and Diploma holders working in our team of bouncers along with those who just studied till the 10th class and both works equally well with their attitude to serve.

  • Your skills - The life skills you have or you learn matter a lot in your growth. Knowing Driving, Swimming, Skating, Boxing, Martial Arts, Games, Shooting etc., though not necessary to know, are a great addition to your personality and help you in growing in this trade.

  • What we Teach - We at Pinnacle Secure Services, train our team members in the following skills -

    • Crowd Management

    • VIP Movement

    • Celebrity Security & Movement

    • First Aid Treatment

    • Fire Safety

    • Traffic Management

    • Vehicle Management

    • Emergency Evacuation

    • Shadowing and Escorting

    • Stage Management

    • Bar Management

    • Ticketed Event Management

    • Frisking & Other Security Techniques

    • Soft skills and people management

  • Our intention in providing all this training to our team members is to turn them into great professionals who can provide the best services to our clients and take up bigger roles in their careers, going forward.

  • So if you are thinking of becoming a bouncer and grow as a Security Manager, contact us today.

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