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Don't Hire Just "Bouncers", hire "Security Marshals"

We are upGrading our Services by UpSkilling our People. 'Bouncers', as they used to be called in clubs & pubs are now called "Security Marshals" and they are taking the centerstage in Event & Personal Security Industry.

"Bouncer" as a profession started when Clubs started facing problems with their clients, who would create a ruckus after drinking. Then, the clubs started hiring people with good muscles and heavy build to keep people under control while drinking and dancing. These musclemen were named "Bouncers" as they were given authority to bounce off miscreants and misbehave people. Since Bouncers used to handle only drinking places, people started seeing them in a bad light and as a shoddy profession.

Times changed and Event Industry recognised that Crowd management can't be done only with regular security guards who were trained in regular asset management work. And there entered "Bouncers" in the event Industry. Slowly and gradually, many small groups of bouncers came up to handle the increasing work and it became and industry in itself, though a highly unorganised one.

Pinnacle Secure Services is doing outstanding work by training and upskilling bouncers and turning them into Professional Security Marshals, who can take up the positions of Security Officers in Various industries and corporates. In our opinion, when a person stands to secure or protect someone or some event or premises, he needs to know and have a lot more than a good body built. He needs to understand the responsibility of being a security personnel, he needs to have the skill set of self-defence and public safety, he needs to have compassion for people and much more. When we prepare a person to be a Security Marshal, we train him on the following skill sets -

  • Understanding of Security Procedures & Systems

  • Self Defence

  • Crowd Control & Public Safety

  • Fire Safety Procedures

  • First Aid training

  • CCTV Monitoring

  • Map Reading and Escape mechanism

  • Public dealing and Soft Skills

  • VIP Escorting & Celebrity movement Management

  • Vehicle Management

  • General etiquette and Grooming & Much more.

We deploy the Marshals for any Event Security or Executive Protection assignment after completing training and testing only. As they say and we believe, Training not only helps in avoiding disasters but also minimises the losses, in case any happens.

Keep reading our blog to get the latest news and tips relevant to security guard services in Delhi NCR and industry insights.

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Sumit Verma
Sumit Verma
18 déc. 2022

Great value addition. Much appreciated. Yes, the security personnel value and image has changed with time and this kind of uplift is much required in the industry.

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