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How to Select the Right Personal Security Officer for yourself?

Are you looking to hire a Personal Security Officer? Look for the following qualities in the candidates to select the best out of a lot -

Ex-Servicemen vs. Civilian - When it comes to Security, Ex-Servicemen become a natural choice. An Ex-Servicemen who has spent his life in Army, BSF or any other Police or Paramilitary establishment learns to live a disciplined life and take care of small things which can turn into bigger threats, if not handled at the right time. At the same time, Civilians with the right amount of training and experience also become capable of handling Personal Security. So while selecting the right candidate, look for the experience of the person alongside his training.

If you are looking for a Personal Security Officer who carries a Weapon for Self-Defense, you should prefer to hire an Ex-Servicemen, who has handled a weapon all-thru his life. For him, a weapon is a tool and not a toy to show off. In a situation, where you have to hire a civilian PSO (Personal Security Officer) who carries a weapon for self-defense, meet the person and judge his temprament. An agressive person carrying a weapon is a very dangerous choice to make as he can create more troubles than solutions. Always select the soft natured but tough personalities to secure yourself and your family.

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