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Which Equipment are used in Technical Bug Sweep Operation?

Major equipment which are used during the sweep includes the following:

  • OSCOR Green (24GHz) for scanning the band from 10KHz to 24GHz in one second

  • Non-Linear Junction Detector, for Micro Bugs (Orion 2.4)

  • Extended Pole Cameras

  • GSM Bug Detectors

  • Radio Frequency Tracers

  • Radio Frequency Counter

  • Radio Frequency Handy Counter

  • Digital Scout

  • Radio Frequency Detector

  • Mini Counter with Digital Filter and Audio Capture

  • Wide Band Communication Receiver

  • Hidden Camera Detector using Infrared

  • Spectrum Analysers

  • Wired Video Detector

  • Wireless Camera Finder

  • Gauss Meter for EMF Detection

  • Hand Held Non-Linear Junction Detector

  • Wired TAP Detector for Telephone Line Analysis

  • Optical Fibre Scope

  • Thermal Camera, FLIR

  • Specialised TSCM Software

  • UV Lights

  • Extension Mirrors and many more.

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